Kh. Badrul Alam


822, Khilgaon-A



Khandaker Badrul Alam is born on 23-09-1951. A FREEDOM FIGHTERS IN SECTOR-2. His permanent address is Sharangpur Shaheb Bari, P.O. Batra, P.S. Nagarpur, Dist. Tangail.


After coming out from Dhaka University formed a company in the name SHAROTHI and started Business in General Supply & Customs C&F Agency. Joined The Himalaya Trading Co. in 1980 as a partner. In 1999 joined The Guide Tours Ltd. as a Director and also Formed a company under the name The Guide Logistics.


Was a Member of Jaycees International Bangladesh and was the National Secretary General in the year 1981. An International Trainer, Trained in Taipei and obtained Diploma for Advance Training from NOBUKA  University, Japan. Founder member of Nagarpur Diabetic Samity, Co-Founder of Bashbari High School under Gazipur Union, Sreepur. A member of the Governing Board of Syeda Anjuman Ara Girls School.